Our Team

Scott Levy

Scott Levy, has more than 25 years of working in Financial Services around the world. For the last 18 years, asset backed securities, securitisation, debt capital markets, structuring, Islamic finance and asset management have been my focus and the impact of regulatory change on product development. Specifically focusing on legal and operational risk particularly as relates to marketing, the prospectus directive, AML and KYC.

Before that Scott worked with offshore insurance and product development with emphasis on IT and operational/back office development (fintech of the last century).  Scott, has also spent time working with trade bodies (representing both insurers and asset managers) including, training, education, and pontification through various online and printed media.

Scott, specialises in Debt capital markets, sukuk, commercial paper, risk management, legal and regulatory impact and analysis, AML and KYC processes and analytics particular for new product design and distribution. Design and delivery of investment solutions across domiciles with particular focus on assets and cashflow. Types of products include all forms of structured debt and sukuk (murabaha and wakala primarily) as well as a short stint in open ended fund structures (SICAVs and OEICs) and equity derivatives.