About Us


Khalij Group is a conglomerate focused on servicing the needs and requirements of the Islamic financial services industry and Islamic capital markets, including creating innovative and be-spoke structured solutions, fund raising and distribution of both debt and equity instruments. In the United Kingdom, Khalij Group is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The foundations of Khalij Group were laid in 2008 when Khalij Islamic was establishment and since then Khalij Group continues to expand its geographical operations and diversify its services, while continuing to focus on the needs of Islamic finance industry and Islamic capital markets.

Khalij Group comprises of diversified businesses and services, the timelines of which are set out below:

In October 2020, the board took a decision to consolidate all Khalij brands under the umbrella of Khalij Group. With over 200 employees within the group and a global outreach, Khalij Group continues to provide a broad range of financial services and solutions to its clients.