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Khalij Group (“KG”), set up in 2008, KG is an Islamic investment and advisory boutique headquartered in the UK and have presence in UAE, Bahrain and Pakistan. In the UK, KG is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”). Currently, KG is the only Shari’a advisory firm which is not only regulated by a recognised regulator (i.e. FCA) but also completely independent of any financial institution and Shari’a Scholar.

Products & Services

With a vision to be recognized as a leading Islamic investment and advisory boutique, Khalij Group, over the years, have developed a diversified range of services for its clients. Key products and services are set out below:

Shari’a Advisory Services

The award winning Shari’a consultancy services of Khalij Group offers ‘end to end’ Sharia advisory services to its clients across all asset classes and financial instruments.
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Fund Raising

With more than 300 investors across Europe, GCC and Far East, Khalij Group helps its clients in raising funds.
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Disposal of Assets

Khalij Group assists its clients in discretely disposing off their assets across all asset types and jurisdictions.
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Based on the clients’ needs and requirements, Khalij Group has the ability to source and originate assets.
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Treasury Solutions

Khalij Group works with treasuries and offer them various solutions, including raising and placing deposits, enhancing yields and hedging solutions.
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Be-spoke Structured Solutions

Based on the needs and requirements of the client, Khalij Group offer be-spoke structured solutions and facilitates in their execution if required.
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Training & Education

Based on the needs and requirements of its clients, Khalij Group offers tailored training and education on Islamic finance,
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Commodity Murabaha Facilitation

Khalij Group offers a cost effective and convenient platform to its clients for the execution of commodity Murabaha transactions.
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Islamic Issuance Platform

Khalij Group has established a U.K. based Islamic issuance platform which helps its clients issue listed Sukuk in a time and cost efficient manner.
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Fintech & Software Development

Khalij Group offers a myriad of technology based solutions to help increase productivity and boost operational efficiency.
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Khalij Group has outsourcing centres which host and manage both domestic and international outsourced contact centres.
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Social Responsibilities

Khalij Group is focused on giving back to the community and developing mutual respect in people of all backgrounds, nationalities and faiths.
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