Proficiencies & Capabilities

End to End Islamic Finance Solutions

Sharia Advisory Services:

  • The award winning Shari’a consultancy services of Khalij Group offers ‘end to end’ Sharia advisory services to its clients across various financial instruments, including Sukuk, funds, structured notes, private equity and derivatives.
  • Khalij Group is retained as the Shari’a Advisor by various European and Middle Eastern financial institutions, asset managers and family offices.
  • Khalij Group specializes in developing be-spoke Shari’a solutions based on the needs and requirements of its clients.
  • Khalij Group has advised its clients across various asset classes (including real estate, infra-structure, aviation, oil & gas and energy) and constantly seeking to expand into new asset classes that may not have been actively available to investors.
  • Khalij Group performs on-going Shari’a monitoring and regulatory Shari’a audits, incompliance with AAOIFI Standards. 

Fund Raising:

  • Khalij Group manages relations with more than 300 investors across Europe, GCC and Far East.
  • Over the last 3 years, Khalij Group have raised in excess of USD 500 million for its clients*.
  • Khalij Group has assets under advisory in excess of USD 1 billion*.

(* as at January 2024)

Disposal of Assets:

  • Khalij Group facilitates its clients (predominantly financial institutions and family offices) in disposal of their assets, in a discrete and confidential manner.
  • Khalij Group historically assisted in the disposal of financial instruments (including debt, equity, private equity, syndications, loans, bonds and Sukuk), real estate (in Middle East and Europe) and certain unique assets such as oil rigs and shipping assets.


  • Khalij Group facilitates its clients originate transactions based on their specific needs and requirements.
  • Financial institutions and family offices have uses the services of Khalij Group as part of diversifying their assets base or looking to take exposure in a particular type of assets.
  • As part of origination, Khalij Group has helped its clients in accessing investment opportunities across various asset types including student accommodations, health care assets, offices, commercial real estate, structured notes, trade finance, leasing and aviation. 

Treasury Solutions:

  • Khalij Group works closely with treasuries of financial institutions and has helped them raise (and place) deposits.
  • Khalij Group offers structured solutions to enhance the yields on treasury deposits.
  • Khalij Group assists treasuries in financial institutions and corporates in providing FX and hedging solutions.

Be-spoke Structured Solutions:

  • Khalij Group works closely with its clients, and based on their needs and requirements, and offers bespoke Sharia compliant structured solutions.
  • Clients have previously used such Sharia compliant solutions to invest in certain identified investment opportunities, accessing certain hedging instruments or restructuring certain assets on the balance sheet.
  • Further, Khalij Group also facilitates in implementing and executing such solutions, if required.

Training & Education:

  • Khalij Group organises training and educational programs on Islamic finance, which are tailored to the needs and requirements of the client.
  • Khalij Group has organised Islamic finance training in all key jurisdictions including Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and Africa.
  • Khalij Group team members continue to present and speak on major Islamic finance & Fintech events, seminars and media (including on television channels in UK and EU).

Commodity Murabaha Facilitation:

  • Khalij Group offers an online commodity trading platform to facilitates its clients in executing commodity Murabaha transactions.
  • This platform is fully Shari’a compliant and monitored on an on-going basis for Shari’a compliance.
  • This platform offers Khalij Group’s clients a convenient and cost effective way to execute commodity Murabaha.
  • Commodity Murabaha transactions can be executed on the online platform 24/7.

Islamic Issuance Platform:

  • Khalij Group has established a UK based Islamic issuance platform which can securitize and issue notes or Sukuk.
  • This unique initiative uses English Law jurisdiction and facilitates the clients in issuing Sukuk in a timely and cost efficient manner.
  • Each note has an ISIN which is listed on a recognised stock exchange, clearable on Euroclear / Clearstream and can be issued in any major currency.
  • The issuance platform is tax efficient with no UK tax withholding implications in the UK.

Fintech & Software Development:

  • Khalij Group provides its clients with technology based solutions that are adaptable, well integrated and cost effective.
  • Khalij Group is currently testing a block chain based Fintech solution as a pilot with a major bank in Pakistan.
  • Some of the other solutions offered by Khalij Group include:
    • Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions
    • Customer Relationship Management Solutions
    • Custom Development
    • Desktop Applications
    • Web Applications
    • Website Designing
    • Web Portals
    • Graphics & Animation
    • Mobile Apps Development – for both iOS and Android


  • Outsourcing the identified services empower our clients by allowing them to focus on their core business instead of these support services.
  • IT Outsourcing – we deliver effective, quality end-user support services for small, medium and large enterprises. These include providing helpdesk services and remote desktop management services to our clients.
  • Accounting Support – we provide core processes and book keeping, MIS and compliance reporting, financial statements preparation in compliance with various accounting reporting standards such as IFRS, UK GAAP and US GAAP.
  • Big Data – Our data management solutions allow our clients to enhance data quality for effective mining, enable increased tracking and reporting capabilities and improve data integrity and oversight for their business. Our key services include data acquisition, entry, validation, cleansing and enrichment.

Social Responsibilities:

  • Khalij Group believes, and actively promotes, giving back to the community. As such, we support numerous local charities by volunteering staff and resources.
  • Khalij Group facilitates in enhancing networking across all communities by organising and participating in talks, events and activities amongst all sections of the community.
  • Khalij Group assists various local and international charities in fund raising events to address humanitarian crisis and emergencies across the world.