Our Commitment

Maintaining The Highest Standards


Khalij Group team members have significant financial and investment advisory experience in both Islamic and conventional background. This enables us to offer ‘out of the box’ solutions to our clients based on experience and knowhow, offering results that ‘actually work’.


Khalij Group is perhaps the only regulated Sharia advisory firm that is regulated by a recognised financial regulator – the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom (FCA registration number 599274). The regulated status provides comfort to our clients over our standards and quality of delivery.

Shari’a Scholars

The expertise and impeccable reputation of the Shari’a scholars that Khalij Group engages with assures everyone that the solutions offered by us are both commercially viable as well as truly Shari’a compliant. Having unrestricted access to such pool of respected Shari’a Scholars makes the process of Shari’a certification precise, efficient and cost-effective.


Khalij Group is a professionally run operation completely independent of any financial institution or Shari’a scholars.


We appreciate that in the fast paced world we live in time is of the essence, especially in the world of business and finance where rare opportunities can easily be lost without a sense of urgency. Without compromising on our own high standards of quality assurance, we strive to meet the clients deadlines so as to maximise the success potential of each product.


We believe in keeping all channels of communication with the client open at all times with a view to maintaining an atmosphere of continuous exchange of information and views leading up to the delivery of our committed assignment.

Partnership approach

We believe in acting for our clients in the spirit of partnership, working hand in hand, integrating our unique expertise and insight with the client’s requirements.

Innovation research

Khalij Group uniquely possesses both technical Islamic finance market knowledge and expertise as well as access to Islamic finance academic research of the highest quality to support development, structuring and placement of products in tune with the market requirements.