Khalij Real Estate

End to end solutions

About Khalij Real Estate

Khalij Real Estate (“KRE”) is an ‘end to end’ solution provider to all your real estate needs. Khalij Real Estate has an experience of working across various asset classes including retail & commercial, offices, residential, warehouses, student accommodations and care homes in various jurisdictions including United Kingdom, Europe and Middle East.

Key services of Khalij Real Estate include:

  1. Origination and identification: Khalij Real Estate has access to a wide variety of real estate assets available for sale. Based on the client’s need and requirements, Khalij Real Estate is able to identify the right assets for its clients.
  2. Financial & Legal due diligence: Khalij Real Estate helps and facilitates in the financial and legal due diligence of the identified property by its client.
  3.  Structuring: Based on the needs and requirements of the client (e.g. Shari’a compliance), Khalij Real Estate is able to arrange for Shari’a compliant structuring which may then be used to acquire the identified asset in the most efficient manner.
  4. Financing: Khalij Real Estate has wide ranging relationships with financial institutions and investors. Khalij Real Estate team facilitates in arranging finance not only against existing asset but also assist in restructuring the existing financing facility or arrange for acquisition financing.  
  5. Property Management: Khalij Real Estate team has experience in managing properties on behalf of their clients, including monitoring and maintenance of the properties, finding credit worthy tenants, collection of rents, managing properties inline with local UK regulations and any other related services that clients may require.
  6. Development: Khalij Real Estate team has extensive experience in development and extension projects in property management and can assist from beginning till the end – including architectural/structural designs, planning, cost management to final delivery and obtaining completion certificates.
  7. Disposal of assets: Khalij Real Estate team assists its clients in identifying potential buyers for their assets and facilitates in closing the deal at the best price for the client.