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About Khalij Financial Services

Khalij Financial Services (“KFS”) is an investment and advisory boutique, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Khalij Financial Services offers various services to its clients, including:

  1. Providing Structured Solutions: KI works closely with its clients and based on their needs and requirements, offers bespoke structured solutions. These solutions can include Shari’a compliant solutions to invest in certain identified investment opportunities, accessing certain hedging instruments or restructuring certain assets on the balance sheet of the client.
  2. Treasury deposits and structures solutions: Khalij Financial Services works closely with treasuries of financial institutions and facilitates in raising and placements of treasury deposits. Khalij Financial Services also facilitates in providing structured solutions to enhance the returns on treasury deposits.
  3. Origination: Based on the client’s investments needs and requirements, Khalij Financial Services facilitates in originating transactions which may include access to new asset classes, commercial real estate, structured notes, trade finance, leasing and health care assets.
  4. Fund raising: Khalij Financial Services manages relations with more than 300 investors across Europe, GCC and Far East and have raised in excess of USD 500 million for its clients over the last 3 years. Khalij Financial Services also have asset under advisory in excess of USD 1 billion.
  5. Disposal of Assets: Khalij Financial Services offers its clients (predominantly financial institutions and family offices) disposal of their assets, in a discrete manner – due to the sensitivities in the market. Khalij Financial Services have disposed, on behalf of its clients, financial instruments (including debt, equity, private equity, syndications, loans, bonds and Sukuk), real estate and certain unique assets (e.g. oil rigs, shipping assets etc).