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Deal Sourcing & Placement

Given the background of the Khalij Group management team who has been active and well known within the Islamic finance industry for many years, we have close connections with various (Islamic and conventional) counterparties and utilize these relationships to assist with the sourcing of transactions and placement of Islamic financial products.

Deal Sourcing

  • Khalij Islamic’s management team has excellent connectivity with corporates, institutions and asset managers across all major jurisdictions especially in North & South America, Western Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Far East.
  • Such connectivity provides access to unique asset classes and investment opportunities which are new for Islamic investors. Using these connections, we are able to identify investment opportunities in response to specific client requests.
  • We are able to identify suitable solutions from an almost unrestricted selection of products in the global financial marketplace and utilize our Shari’a structuring expertise to bring our clients a diverse range of options. As an independent party we are not tied to sourcing our transactions from any single product provider or asset manager.


  • Khalij Islamic’s sales team has been working with Islamic financial institutions for over two decades and has credible reach in the Islamic institutional markets consisting of a universe of more than 250 names spread over 15 countries.
  • The team focuses on selling our services in the European, Middle East and Far East markets as well as originating Shari’a compliant transactions and opportunities with a particular focus on placement, in association with other partner institutions.
  • We have been partnering with leading international investment banks in order to help meet the demands of conventional players for Islamic products and services.
  • Khalij Islamic is able to assist in arranging Shari’a compliant financing as well as with the placement of Islamic financial products.
  • Collaborating closely with our clients, we establish clearly their investment and risk management needs and provide tailored solutions.

It is evident that the Islamic markets, compared to the conventional markets, lack product diversification. Local Islamic banks do not always have the access to the multiplicity of assets or simply lack the structuring capacity or vision to create good investment products, whilst on the other hand traditional investment banks and asset managers also fail to fill the gap.

We anticipate being able to offer such products relatively easily and successfully since we have strong contacts with most Islamic banks and understand their needs and their language in terms of their investment and risk management requirements. We are able to identify western (asset) managers with a good product range but who don’t have access to, or knowledge of, the Islamic markets and we have the structuring capabilities to overcome most structuring difficulties.

Select Recent Products

Some recent Islamic investment products in which Khalij Islamic team has been involved in includes:

Asset Financing & Leases

  • Aviation notes
  • Trade Finance
  • Floatel / Marine assets
  • Supported living / Health care

Agriculture & Food

  • Soft Commodities
  • Cattle Farm
  • Forestry

Liquidity Management

  • Online Commodity Murabaha Platform
  • Islamic Securitization / Sukuk
  • Islamic Corporate Deposit Arbitrage
  • Treasury products / solutions

Corporate Finance / Long Term Investments

  • Capital protected structured notes
  • Private equity
  • Project / Infrastructure Financing